Important Tax Update ! YouTube Big Monetization Update | Update Tax Information in Adsense Account or else 24% Tax Deducted

In this video I will show you how to update tax information in google adsense to get reduced tax rate on your earnings from US Views.
Very important Tax update for Non-US youtube creators to get reduced taxes on earnings from USA views as per Tax treaty signed by your country with United States.
Having signed into your adsense account, you can either click this Manage Tax Info link
Or you can click payments tab, and again click Manage settings link below.
Next, we need to go to United States Tax Info section and add and update the tax information.
Again we need to update our google login details.
Here, we need to select if the account is an individual account or a Non-individual Business entity.
If you are an individual select first and if your account is business related select the second option.
Select yes if you are a resident of United states or hold a US citizenship or if you are not a US resident Select No.
Again here we need to select W 8 B E N if we need to claim tax treaty benefits as an Non-US individual.
But we need to select ‘ W 8 E C I ‘ if we need to claim tax treaty benefits as a Non-US business entity or individual who earns from US trade or files tax returns in the US.
As an Non-USA individual we need to select the first option.
Next, here we need to make sure we have our real legal name.
Next, we can enter the name of any business name we have here which is optional.
Next, select the country of citizenship here.
Next, we need to add your Tax Indentification Number of your country.
Here, since my account is an indian account, I need to add PAN account number or Permanent account number which is the Tax Identification Number in india.
Similarly other country youtubers need to enter their country Tax identification number in the Foreign TIN field.
Next, fill in the permanent address here and again select this box if your permanent address is same as your mailing address or enter separate mailing address here.
Next, select yes to claim tax treaty benefits for withholding reduced tax rate.
Next, we need to select our country here.
Below we are given to select the following options, below is specific option for india, it maybe different for other country residents.
Under Services Adsense, select Article 7 and withholding rate as 0% percentage.
Under Motion Pictures and TV, select Article 12 and withholding rate as 15% percentage.
And under Copyright select select Article 12 and withholding rate as 15% percentage again.
And done, we need to confirm the tax documents are reviewed by us.
Next here, We need to enter our Full Legal Name here.
Next, we need to select if we are signing on our own behalf or we are signing on behalf of others in signature section as a guardian or attorney or parent or executioner.
Next, we need to seelct first option if we have performed any work or services for google with in United states or we need to select the second option.
And next we need to select the first option if you have a new adsense account and you have`nt collected any payments through it.
Or we need to select the second option if we have already collected payments through our adsense account.
And finally click Submit button link.
And done, you can see the tax information has been submited and approved and tax at a deduction rate of 15% percentage has been claimed.
And that is it, we are done with the tax update information.
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