How to verify your Youtube Channel to enable additional features

In this video I will show you to verify your youtube channel to enable features wheere you can upload video longer than 15 minutes, add custom thumbnail to your youtube videos or steam live videos on your channel.
And appeal for content ID claims if anyone has used your content or has wrongfully appealed against you for uploading content claiming it is their content.
First click the youtube studio tab and next click settings tab on the left side of your studio channel.
Next click Channel option on the left and again on the right side of the screen, click Manage youtube account link.
Next click channel status and features link and next click features that requires phone verification section.
Here you can see features that will be enables when you verify your channel.
We need to click this Phone verification button.
Next, here select your country of residence for the channel.
And next, you can verify with any of the two method.
First, Phone text method, where we will recieve a 6 digit code text message which or the voice message method where we will get an automated voice call we need to listen to the code and enter it here.
Next, we can add the 6 digit code and submit and done.
You can see the youtube channel has been verified.
We can now upload video more than 15 minutes longer and add thumbnail when we upload our youtube video to our channel.
With this we have come to the end of this video.
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