How to use Youtube new customise feature – Youtube launched New Customise feature

This is a quick video on the new changes youtube has done on the channel customization page. Every time we want to customize the channel, we can do it right from dashboard from the customization tab on the left.
All these features were scattered in different sections, by bringing all under one page, youtube team has made it very beneficent for youtubers like me to customize our channel.
In this first section, we can add the channel trailer for people who haven’t subscribed our channel yet. We can select a video that have been uploaded from our channel as the channel trailer.
Here, selecting a custom video that you created explaining what your channel is about or what kind of videos your channel subscribers will find can get you more subscribers to your channel. It helps if the trailer video is short and precise.
In the next section we can add a featured video that will be visible to all those subscribers who visit your channel again and again.
Here you can let them know what your future video you are planning of uploading or if you are promoting something on your channel, you can announce in this featured video.
Next, here we can add any of this section as a featured section below, Like we can add our popular video uploads or live video streams here.
Or we can also select playlists and add them over here or we can add the channels that we have subscribed to or those channel that we want to feature here.
We can remove the featured section too if we don’t want it anymore.
Under Branding tab, we can add our channel profile image, with minimum size being more than 98 by 98 pixels width and height, format being PNG or GIF with a maximum upload size of 4MB for the image.
Next, here we can add the channel banner art work with atleast 2048 width and height 1152 pixels and maximum 6MB for the banner image.
The watermark branding image for our videos we can add right here, with brand image recommended weight and height being 150 x 150 pixels, we can Use either PNG, GIF, BMP, or JPEG file that’s 1MB or less.
In the basic info section, we can add the usual channel description, social media links and the business email that were existent in the old customization tab of our youtube channel.
If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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