How to unlock additional features in you tube studio

In this video you can see how to verify our you tube channel to unlock additional features in youtube studio.
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First log into you tube channel account with your gmail login details.
So click, channel icon image and next click settings tab in the bottom of the drop down window.
And Next, on this settings page we need to click Channel Status and Features link. Next, on this page, you can see, you tube channel features like upload longer duration videos, add custom thumbnail to videos, or add external website link in you tube video are not enabled or ineligible.
so we need to verify our you tube channel account. Click Verify button here, next select your country from the list of countries.
And next select any one of the phone call automated voice message or phone text message to verify the channel belongs a real person and not a robot.
Next, we need to enter the phone number to receive the verification code and next click submit button to continue.
We need to enter and submit the verification code that we received on this page and done. We can go back to our Channel Status and Features page to confirm if the additional features have been unlocked in our channel. And we done, we can upload video longer than 15 minutes, add thumbnail to video and as well link annotations to external websites.
And done, with this tutorial video, if any comment or question you can ask in comment section.
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