How to give permission to other youtube channel managers to manage your youtube channel

Most of the time, we may not have time to frequently upload videos to keep our channel active.
So, in this video we can learn how to give permission to other youtube channels or youtube channel managers to manage youtube channel.
Lets First log into our youtube account, click youtube profile icon and next click your youtube studio tab.
Next we need to click settings tab on the left of our youtube studio page. and next click permission tab on the settings popup window.
Next, click Invite text link and enter the email of the person to whom you wish to give permission to manage and handle your youtube activity.
Next, we can select the level of access from the list, manager, editor, viewer and viewer limited access, we want to give the person in handling the channel.
We need to decide and give access to the person who are trust worthy as we will be responsible for the actions of people to whom we give channel access.
Invitations will be sent by email to the people who we intend to give access to will and expire after 30 days if they do not accept it.
Once the email access permission is accepted, they can log into their youtube account and access my youtube account from their account my clicking on my channel.
Here depending on the access level given to them they can perform the activity they were appointed or given access to.
And done, end of this video process.
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