How to Delete your YouTube Channel Permanently

In this video, I will show you how to permanently delete your youtube channel.
First lets log into our youtube account and select the channel we want to hide temporarily
Or delete the channel permanently if we have more than one channel created in our youtube account.
Next we need to click the settings tab from this drop down menu list.
And again we need to click this advanced settings tab in the left hand side of this youtube settings page.
In Advanced settings page, we need to click delete channel link located in the bottom of the page.
Here, we need to log into our youtube account to confirm and continue hiding or deletion process of our youtube channel.
Next, here we have two option, one is to temporarily hide our channel for the time being so that we dont decide to delete our channel in haste and later regret it.
Or we can Delete the channel permanently, where all the content will be lost forever and we may not get it back.
We can delete the channel permanently, by selecting the second option. We need to check this box and click Delete My Content Button.
We are again asked to confirm deletion in this pop-up window, where all our content video, playlists, subscriptions, likes on videos and comments as well as watch and search history, everything will be deleted forever.
We need to type in the name of our youtube channel to give final confirmation of our channel deletion.
And done, you can see, our entire channel and its contents are in deletion process, it will take some time depending on data available in our channel to be deleted.
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