Hide Youtube Subscriber Count | Hide Channel Subscriber Count in Youtube Studio

In this video you can learn how to hide subscriber count in our channel.
youtube viewers tend to evaluate a channel and the videos contents with the channels subscriber count, the more the subscriber the better is the opinion.
Hence, hiding the subscribers count can be a good idea for a beginner in creating youtube video content.
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Having logged into our channel, On the left side of our youtube studio dashboard. we need to click settings tab.
In the pop-up page, we need to click advanced settings tab under channel option.
Again we need to click advanced channel settings link here.
Here on this page we can click this second option to hide the display count in our channel.
We can go back to the channel page to see if the subscriber count has been hidden successfully.
And done with this tutorial, If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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