How to publish wordpress post with your phone

In this video we will see how to create and publish wordpress post from phone.
Click open wordpress mobile app in phone and next we can open either the free wordpress site created in site.
or If we have our own professional site we need to type in the site domain name, and again we need to login with our login credentials first. Next, we can either click blog post tab here or posts icon here in the top.
Next, you can see here we have published posts, posts still in draft format, posts that are scheduled can be found here and posts thats already deleted and in the trash folder or Bin.
Lets see how to create a post here, We can type a appropriate title for the post here, next we can add the content for the post along with formatting text.
Next we can add heading text here along with text content below.
We can click on image option to insert image from our phone storage or we can click and add new image or we can add image that we have uploaded to our from our wordpress media library.
We can either publish the post immediatly now or have the option to choose a future date.
And just like in desk top version, we can add keyword filled tags for the post and publish the content right away.
We can confirm the post has been published in the published post section. And done successfully.
With this we come to the end of this video process.
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