How to Setup Google Analytics Tracking ID in WordPress Site 2020

In this video we will see how to setup google analytics in wordpress site to analyse web data from our wordpress site.
We need to first Log into google account and next search for to google analytics site.
So lets get going with the process.
First we need to create a account in google analytics site. We can setup more than tracking id under this account.
Like for our website, and if we have a webstore or our youtube channel , we can setup tracking ID under the same account.
We can type a suitable name for the account thats relavent to your activity or business.
Next, we can select or de-select which ever data sharing options we need from the options here and continue the process. Next, we can select the website or web Apps or both the website or web apps option to measure here based on the property you wish to get and analyse data for.
Here property means, website, webstore or web apps, youtube channel or any web application like on the internet.
If we have a website or store we can select the website option or if we have a web app on playstore or itunes, we can select the second option, but if we have both the versions, website and app, then we can select the third option and set tracking id in both.
Next, we can add the property name here, that is our website name or store name or youtube channel name.
Next, we need to add the URL of the website property here, we can select either the HTTPS or HTTP prefix thats associated with your website.
Next, we can select the industry category our business is belongs to, along with the timezone.
Moving forward with the process, we need to select the country here and agree to the terms of servce agreement and as well as select certain options to get email communication on from google.
And finally done, This is our google Analytics Tracking ID and this is our google tracking code.
We can add either the tracking ID or tracking code appropriately where its needed. Tracking code we need to add it in the Head Section of webpages in which we need the web traffic to be tracked.
Second Step or Process, we need to install the google analytics Tracking ID or Tracking code.
Having logged into our wordpress site we need to click plugin tab and next click add new plugin first.
Next, we need to search for Google analytics dashboard by Exact Metrics, install the plugin and activate it.
Next, we need to click settings link under Google analytics plugin by exact metrics.
Next, we need connect to our google analytics tab with exact metrics analytics tracking plugin.
Next, We can launch exact metrics plugin and allow permissions to connect with our google analytics site through our google account.
Here, we need to select the google analytics property if we have more than one property created within a single google analytics account.
And done, authentication with Exact Metrics. Next, again we need to confirm security by logging into wordpress site.
And finally save all the settings we connected and continue.
You can see our google analytics tracking ID setup in our wordpress site. we can click reports tab and view analytics reports right on wordpress dashboard or we can go to our google analytics site and analyse visitors data.
We are done with this video tutorial.
If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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