Cancel Paypal Payment Request In Paypal Account Cancel Scam Or Random Paypal Payment Request

Most of the time we recieve payment request that are randomly sent which are nothing but scam.
Or from those customers who would have sent products that are not invoiced correctly. So lets see cancelling such payment requests.
Now lets take my payment previous request videos where I sent two to three payment requests for payment. We can see how to cancel it.
First, we need to log into our paypal account and next you can see right here we have the two payment request one for 50 US Dollars and other is for 67 Australian Dollars,
We need to click here and select the payments tab which we want to cancel.
Next, we can cancel it with this button and again we need to confirm cancellation.
And you can see the first payment request of 67 Australian Dollars is cancelled.
Similarly, we can cancel the second payment request of 50 US Dollars.
And done with this tutorial video.
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