How to Clone WordPress Site – Step by Step Clone WordPress Tutorial

In this video you can learn to clone wordpress site in cpanel godaddy.
Log into your webhosting site in godaddy cpanel account.
Next, click manage button under webhosting section and next click cpanel admin button in next page.
Next click, wordpress icon under web application section.
Next, click my application tab in the top and here we have all the wordpress sites installed, we can select the site and click clone button to clone wordpress site.
Here, select the domain or website name where you want wordpress site to be cloned.
You can also choose to clone in a directory of the website like blog or shop directory.
And done, cloning is under process.
So here, you can edit the site name and all other details like admin user name, password, email and finally save changes.
And we can confirm if the site has cloned exactly.
And done with the site cloning. We have come to the end of this tutorial video.
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