How to setup Facebook featured video

In this video you can learn, how to setup a featured video on your facebook page, to increase video watch time or promote your business product or services through the video. Previously the featured video used to be found in the video section of facebook page.
But in the updated version of facebook, you can see it right below the timeline cover of facebook page.
Lets see how to set it up. Every page on facebook do not have the option of setting up featured video.
Only certain facebook template has this option of featured video setup.
Currently my facebook page is in standard template and under standard template this featured video option is no available as of now, maybe in the future most facebook may roll out this feature on all facebook page templates too.
To activate featured video option we need to first change the facebook page template.
So first we need to select settings tab on the left side of the page and again we need to select templates and tabs.
Here we need to change the FB page template to video page.
Now you can see we have this option of adding featured video right above here in the top, on the facebook page.
We can click this choose video tab and upload video from our computer or select the video in facebook page video section.
We can feature upto 5 videos in a slide format.
We can select the video from our video section or we can upload the video from our computer. We can add title and description and all other features like tags and thumbnails if needed to our video and publish it.
We can setup maximum of 5 videos as the featured video in our facebook page which will take the spotlight as the first element in our facebook page.
It is a very creative feature to promote business or product or promotional videos to facebook users who visit our pages.
And we have completed the video process.
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