How to change from New Design to Classic View in Facebook

In this video, You can learn how to enable and update to new design in facebook, that’s more user friendly in its design and functionality as well as shift to classic view while the option is still available.
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We need to Log into our facebook profile, and next in top bar, need to click this V shaped arrow button.
Next, in the drop down menu, click switch to new facebook tab. and it will take less than a minute or two to update to new design settings.
Benefits of the new design update are like the Dark mode. faster loading time with lot of content space and larger fonts for clear visibility
We can choose dark layout by clicking this tab here or return back to the white mode whenever we want to.We can switch to classic facebook from the new design and back to new design with this feature.
In facebook profile timeline. We have larger layout, yet they are simple and more spaced out and visible clear when compared to classic facebook design.
Here, in the top bar, all the icons are organised based on their utility and frequent usage.
We can move around between the profile and the facebook new feed very easily with this button.
To summarize, the new design is better than the old classic version in terms of the utility and functionality.
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