How to create facebook page in new updated facebook design

In this video you can learn how to create facebook page in new updated facebook design.
We need to Log into our facebook account and next, we need to click this PLUS icon in the top bar of this page.
Next, we need to click page tab in the drop down menu.
Next, in the left hand side of the page, we can add and customize our page information.
First, we can enter a suitable or appropriate name for the page, it could be our business or brand or organisation name that’s is relevant to our activity.
Next, enter and select the category our page may fall into, we can add more than one category here.
Next, enter a brief description for the facebook page.
And click, create page tab in the bottom to create the page, we can add profile image and cover once we created the facebook page.
Next, we can add profile picture here, we can add a logo or brand image to identify our page with our organisation or brand.
Next, we can add a cover image on our facebook page here, we can adjust the cover image by dragging the plus icon.
And finally, save changes to the facebook page. and we have created the facebook page.
We can click and create our first post on facebook here.
We can type the post content here. I have created a post inviting people to contact me for any online design need they may have, along with a image from our computer, and posted it for all facebook users to view and contact me on my website.
With this we come to the end of this video, any comment or question, please leave it in the comment section.
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